sâmbătă, 22 ianuarie 2011

la de da

pete townshend, of the who, himself a legendary guitarist, once credited the late, legendary link wray with inspiring him to play. if that were all he'd done we would owe mr. wray our gratitude. anyone's guess has only begun to explore the man's catalogue, starting with one of his later albums, 1971's link wray, off of which comes the track below, but from this admittedly small sample it appears safe to say townshend, in calling attention wray's music and career, did us all an equal service.

link wray - la de da

this track feels very much like a seventies rock jam. laid-back seventies rock meets the beatles or maybe joe cocker doing the beatles, what with link's grounded out voice (he was singing those days, i believe, with just one lung - which the doctors in the family have assured is both possible and quite difficult; tuberculosis blows) and those wonderful falsettos joining in on the chorus. whichever the more apt, it's a delicious mixture.

happy weekend gang. la de da.