sâmbătă, 22 ianuarie 2011

a new one by ben harper

ben harper has a new disc, lifeline, due out in august. here's a sneak peek:

ben harper & the innocent criminals - in the colors

anyone's guess used to be a huge devotee of mr. harper, starting back when a school mate introduced me to 1995's fight for your mind and hitting fever pitch after jamie and i saw him open for pearl jam in 1998. (he's excellent live, by the bye, and i imagine there'll be a tour forthcoming behind the new album; some limited dates posted here.) the man has always written some fine, sad songs:

ben harper - walk away (acoustic)
ben harper - beloved one (acoustic)

this next one, a cover of a patty griffin song, comes from his performance at a ralph nader rally back in 2000 (such a long time ago; it's not the years, it's the mileage):

ben harper - mother mary (live)

and finally here's the title track, with a bit more soulspine than those lovely acoustic ballads above, from harper's 2006 album, the well-received both sides of the gun:

ben harper - both sides of the gun